Leather Wood
Our Leather Wood backpack is not only vegan and sustainably sourced. This material is 100% ecological, biodegradable, recyclable and waterproof. It is obtained by Cellulosa Pulp, a material prepared by cellulose fibers from wood (Pine & Fir trees). A pulp mill converts wood chips into thick fiberboard

Recycled Pu-Polyester
A new kind of vegan leather associated with LAV Animal Free, to introduce Argot handbags made from a recycled pu-polyester. Reusing and recycling, allow carbon to be recycled indefinitely - creating a circular economy.

Vegan Napa
In collaboration with Insescop, we launch the Flute Handbag made from Vegan Napa an innovative new material that looks and feels like leather, but is vegan . We are doing our best to ensure that, as well as being cruelty free,we endeavour to create the most cutting-edge materials and animal free alternatives, continuing to push towards circularity and being fully transparent by developing tools to measure and report our impact