The new collection of vegan handbags. Our designs are handmade in artisanal workshops in Spain with impeccable quality and finishes. Our brand philosophy is to launch a contemporary style that adjusts to your everyday essentials giving your outfit the perfect touch. Argot strives to use the most sustainable materials from farm to factory, to ensure we are reducing our impact on the planet. We prioritize natural fibers but use recycled synthetics where they have a

clear performance and/or durability advantage.


The latest collection is inspired by Parisian streetlife represented by the designs and the names the bags carry. Each one of them is a slang/argot that perfectly aligns with our fashion statement.

The collection consists of four models: Chanmé (halfmoon bag), Chelou (Minibag), Flute (Handbag) and Verlan (Backpack). The range of colors reflects the lifestyle and colors of the French capital ranging from soft pastels (nude and grey), to powerful red (rouge) and cognac or the perfect basic (black).



There is much confusion in the fashion world and among consumers when it comes to vegan products, especially leather alternatives: Are they harmful, because some of them use polyurethanes (PU) and chemicals, or are they the lesser of two evils as the perfect, circular material does not exist (yet)?
In reality, industry-facing documentation refers to cattle skins as valuable ‘co-products’, and when skins don’t sell due to decreased demand – even due to a rise in leather alternative popularity, slaughterhouses have reported multi-million dollar losses. 
Foxes, raccoons, mink and chinchillas they are not raised for their meat but for their fur, and that goes directly to the fashion industry. 
Animals disappear into fashion objects in a way that is very troubling and in a way that is intentionally hidden… We are in this system that has normalised cruelty on this massive scale

While admittedly, there are no leather alternatives that are perfect substitutes, there are many that come close and/or offer additional benefits. Fact is that as demand increases, traditional leather working facilities will have to adapt to these new, ethical  materials. Argot is researching in every new collection new materials that provides consumers with the best of qualities while remaining respectful to all beings along the supply chain. 


The language used by designers, journalists, models, business owners, and enthusiasts in the fashion industry incorporates elements of slang and specific jargon, often relating to material types and methods of tailoring, with the general English language to create a cohesive style universally understood within the group. Since much luxury business is also conducted in other countries such as France, Italy, and Japan, many terms from their national languages also find their way into the lexicon. Since style, culture, and speech  itself constantly change, fashion language evolves quite quickly. Creating an all-inclusive dictionary industry terms would be impossible; the glossary used for this project only gives the surface a good skimming. 


When applying the sustainability concept to fashion, sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible.
(Green Strategy). In other words, striving for a financially solid business model, acting environmentally friendly and socially acceptable, and not harming animals.Fashion brands that have implemented sustainability at all stages of production are defined as ‘Sustainable Fashion’. But some only fulfil a few sustainability criteria.



Building personal relationships with  our factories is important to us. Our CEO visits each factory 2-3 times a year and makes it a point to build strong bonds with the factory owners; they too are a part of the ARGOT family. We make sure that while we provide you with a quality product, the conditions of the workers developing it are up to par with our standards. We are proud to say that the all process from the selection of materials, designs till the final production is made in Spain,  which ensures quality work conditions for all. 

Our Materials 

It’s important for us not to use leather. Simply put, we don’t like hurting animals and we deeply care about the welfare of the planet. Our collections are all designed and manufactured  our close-knit team in Spain. 
A variety of high quality vegan materials are used in the creation of our products. PU (polyurethane) is a biodegradable material, making it less harmful to our planet. In an attempt to divert away from the use of PVC, in FW20 we launched a the Verlan Backpac made  from Leather Wood, cellulose is a 100% recycled, biodegradable and sustainable material. For SS22, we are proud to say that we have fully transitioned our collection which was previously made from PVC to a biodegradable new material. This means that the collection is fully recycled, with the exception of the hardware.
Having a sustainable product is very important to us. Our pieces are not made to last a season but are intended to be a part of your wardrobe for many years. That is why we perform several quality control tests on all new materials and styles for each season. 
This is just the start for us and we are working hard to become fully sustainable by 2023. We embrace that we may not be perfect but it takes all of us to make small changes imperfectly to make a greater change globally.


International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair

ARGOT will be part of Bisutex, organised by IFEMA MADRID. It is presented as the main instrument for the promotion of trends and novelties in the fashion jewellery and accessories sector.

The high quality and design of the collections are its hallmarks. In addition, the event has the Archis and Minis spaces, with a high level of avant-garde and originality, for young designers and emerging companies.

Its offer includes a wide variety of products ranging from the latest costume jewellery collections to lines of fantasy watches, eyewear, bags, belts, hair ornaments, scarves, hats, trimmings, leather goods, travel items, etc.


Twice a year, all the important brands and industry players meet in Offenbach at the international trade fair for innovative and high-quality leather goods, bags and luggage.

ILM is the world's most important hub for international trade in leather goods, travel articles, handbag fashion and accessories. ARGOT was part of the trade between 3-5 Sep. 



Design & Quality – sustainability in the wardrobe!

More and more consumers want to be sure that retailers and manufacturers carry products that are ecologically manufactured. Fairness and environmental friendliness should also be reflected in the new favorite look!

Discover & set new impulses!

With the GREEN ROOM, FASHN ROOMS offers specialist retailers the opportunity to expand their range and to meet their customers’ great interest in sustainable and fairly produced fashion and to offer a harmonious mix. Last summer ARGOT was part of this big event in Düsseldorf!


On 21 and 22 May 2022, the first The Heritage Post Trade Show took place at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf – with a great response! Many thanks to all exhibitors and visitors who took part! And ARGOT was part of this great event!

 summer of vegan materials

Discover our new collection ’22. A sort of vegan accessories for the daily routine. Everything  is crafted with longevity and sustainability in mind. If we are to make the products we love last beyond one season, we have to go beyond what we create to educate and empower our community. That is why we have committed to be a fully circular brand in everything we do – from sourcing materials that have less impact on the environment to developing ways to extend the life of our products after they’ve left us. 


Created by Andrés Megía in 2020, ARGOT Style. is a Spanish  brand, authentic and accessible by way of its style,  and ecological philosophy. 

We collaborated with the Spanish artits Ignazio Lozano, who has developed the creative art direction of our social media presence and the website image. The artist with experience in fashion photography, architecture and art has already showed his
masterpieces in cities like London or Berlin.
Inspired by nature he reflects the story telling behind our products are created from. Lozano knows how to find the perfect symmetry between fashion and
nature, as if it would be seeds of a growing family tree.

speaking sustainability 

At ARGOT Style we are comitted to sustainability, circular fashion and quality. Materials sourced, design and production are made in Spain. Our backpacks are made by artesans in Spain. We save CO2 emissions, having an overview of the hole production and guarantee fair working conditions.

vegan and natural materials

Our products suport circular economy. We source
only sustainable and vegan materials to share them with you.
It’s a new language to
design and style, partner with the best local factories
and supliers and being transparent in the process of
every product.